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"This game runs so smoothly, and with its intuitive tilt screen controls, you don’t even really need instructions to just pick it up and begin playing. And it’s only a dollar! Did I emphasize that? You can’t get this much fun for so little these days! Invaders World Tour is perfect for anyone who loves the simple, yet challenging nature of classic arcade games."

Score: 10/10 Anna Papachristos from www.theiphoneappreview.com

"Invaders World Tour iPhone game developed by Me YouMe is mashup of Space Invaders and Galaga (Galaxian) game play ... This app receives 4.5 out of 5 CrazyMikes Head’s"

CrazyMikes from http://www.crazymikesapps.com

"Miss the game Space Invaders from back in the day, well it looks like Invader World Tour for the iPhone and iPod Touch may give you a little of the game back. Invaders World Tour definetly does have few differences from Space Invaders but it just reminded me of it a little. There are over 60 levels of play so that will give you plenty of practice shooting up the aliens and that’s not bad for .99 cents. You can collect power ups to upgrade your ship, weapons and defence system that will help you get further in the game. So if you want to get reminders of old game play from the 80’s and 90’s give Invaders World Tour a try."

Brian Tidwell from iphone2o.com


"Fans of retro arcade games will love this! As the levels progress it becomes more and more fast-paced and action-packed, and very challenging. The sharp graphics tie the old with the new. Excellent special effects. The game controls are very smooth and responsive, and include a left-hander option. Very playable."

"I think the barriers that you have don't break unless alot of damge has to go into them. So all good besides itvis practiclly space invaders with a diffrent game."

"The graphics are sharp and crisp and good-looking, the tilt to move controls work well, and it's kind of nice to be able to fire at the aliens from under the shields while they cannot hit you. The bottom-line is that if you like the classic Space Invaders game, you will like this modern variation. Nice production values and gameplay elements, power-ups, worm holes, etc., and most importantly, the tilt controls work in this game. Nice job developers.

"Lots of fun levels and variety of enemies. Controls are smooth and easy to use. Devs say more sound effects and other changes coming soon. Worth .99 for sure.

"It's a great idea to have rewritten "space invaders" concept :D It was one of my favourite, hemmm, some years ago when I was a young boy :D ! I went with my friends in the corner "Bar" to play with it .... Well, gameplay is cool, graphics nice, sounds funnyv... invaders are nervous : at this price one thing to do : BUY IT ! 4 stars for the game and one more because I think the work of this dev team is a real good job ;-)

"I loved space invaders as a kid. The only thing I can say as far as feedback is PLEASE MAKE UNIVERSAL! That would be absolutely amazing! Thanks for such a wonderful and fun game.

"Great game, using both tilt and tap control. Different type of aliens, scenery and power-ups. Enjoyable game and will take a while to complete all the levels."

"The colors are graphics are great! Very well done game. Lots of levels and easy to use. I agree with other person...reminds of Space Invaders....and I always liked that game. Definitely worth the price."

"I remember space invaders a long time ago. Until getting this app, I haven't played Space Invaders in a long time. This app completely changed the way I looked at the classic arcade game. By using the iphone modern accelerometer and tap action at the same time, this user-friendly app brings back memories of old times in a modern engine and with a unique campaign idea to save real countries and locations across the world. The graphics are beautiful, as are the effects and powerups that all add to the addictive power of this game. There are a lot of levels, and it gets intense after a while. I have moved this app to the first page of my ipod because it is easy to play a quick game and because it is so simple, yet so cool and appealing. I would buy this app right now, just because it is really fun and addicting, and you will love this!! The developers did a phenomenal job in recreating and reviving the classic arcade game and bringing it into the modern era!"

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